About Us

The original creator of the Mild2Wild Exhaust controller.

We continue to innovate and create amazing parts and accessories for

Corvette, Camaro, Challenger and Mustang.

Works on all Z06/ ZR1 and 2008 and Up Bi-mode (NPP) C6

Show your exhaust who's the boss. Unleash the full potential of your

exhaust with mild2wild. The first wireless control that will allow you

to fully control that will allow you to fully control the sound of your bi-mode exhaust from 0 - 186

mph.  All with a simple 3 minute install And ZERO Battery Drain

The Choice is clear, Used by Jay Leno (feature spot

on Jay's Garage) and Scott Dixon (Indy 500 winner)


Reviewed in Magazines, Certified for resale at over

50 parts houses and performance shops and the

choice of the National Corvette Museum